3 Things Truck Drivers Should Do to Prepare for the DOT-CDL Physical Exam

Novice and veteran truck drivers know they must get a physical exam every 2 years. To learn more check out the ‘What You Need to Know About the DOT-CDL Physical’ article on our blog.

What they may not know is that some of the habits and tools they use to be successful at their jobs, can cause serious problems when it comes time to update their physicals. The last thing that a driver needs is to be sidelined by a false positive for chronic diseases or failing drug tests.

First thing, before you make the appointment, ensure that you have your medical information in order. Access to this information is available to you online. Make sure to include a list of all current and recent medications.

The second thing to prepare for when getting a DOT-CDL physical exam is changes in your diet. You should cut down on your sodium intake at least a week before your appointment. Salt is known to increase your blood pressure and water retention. To avoid high sugar levels in urine, avoid eating a large meal before your exam.

The third and maybe the hardest for many of us is to cut out caffeine and sugar for 24 – 48 agonizing hours prior to the exam. High heart rates and blood pressure can lead to driving restrictions, and caffeine is known to increase both. High sugar levels are warning signs of diabetes.

Eat a light meal before your exam, so that you are not to hungry. Treat yourself AFTER the exam!

Be honest with your Doctor and tell him if your nervous, have any medical issues or have symptoms. You have your life, your families and ours in your hands.



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