Dr. Pete’s Chiropractic Experience

Drug-free Stress and Pain Relief

A smooth multi-procedure designed to release and relieve the leading cause of pain and poor health, Stress! From hot packs to roller beds and more, Dr. Pete’s Chiropractic Experience delivers the stress and
pain relief you need!

Dr. Pete’s Chiropractic Experience Begins with an exam of the patient’s spine that involves a range of motion observation along with a spinal segment and muscle palpation to determine where the areas of the spine are stuck together.

The next step is where Dr. Pete explains what a spinal adjustment is and how it works to put the patient at ease.

In the next step, 90% of the time, the patient will be escorted to an intersegmental traction table AKA a roller table that everybody loves.

Most of the time Dr. Petehears the phrase “I need one of those for my home”!

The patient is then asked to sit on the adjustment table and told they might hear some clicks and pops.That it is only the pressure being taken out of the spine and not to be alarmed.

After that, they are asked to get up gently and walk around to see if they feel any difference, and most people respond “Oh yes” in a good way.

When the first adjustment is complete Dr. Pete will explain to the patient that they may feel a little sore the next day, kind of like going to the gym for the first time, so the patient understands that it is part of the process of getting the vertebrae un-stuck and retraining the spine and muscles.

At this point, the patient is asked to go see the receptionist make a 2nd appointment so we can check their insurance benefits and put together a plan for them.

On the second visit, the patient is greeted to go over the plan that typically ranges from 20 to 36 visits for most adults and fewer for children over 90 days.

The process is different for work injuries and car crash victims, requiring more than 36 visits and longer than 90 days of treatment.

In-car crash cases, we use hot moist packs and electric stimulation to relax the tender and sore muscles to accelerate healing along with the typical intersegmental traction and adjustments.

All patients are given a copy of our office hours and recommended to visit 2-3 times per week typically.

We have morning and afternoon shifts and there is no appointment necessary.Patients can just look at the office hours, arrive at their convenience, and will be taken right in and put on a roller table and adjusted, most of the time the process is less than 5 minutes.

Don’t suffer from chronic pain any longer – make an appointment with Dr. Pete today!



    Hours Of Operation

    Hours Of Operation