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Chiropractic care offers an alternative and sometimes supplemental path to regaining one’s comfort and wellness. In addition to short and long-term relief from pain caused by an auto accident, many patients experience the freedom of increased mobility and no longer rely on harmful pain medications like opioids and other addicting substances.

Through regular adjustments, you should expect to gain strength, energy, and vitality, resulting in the highest level of health as possible – in some cases even better than you remember.

Proactive Chiropractic Care Plans for Optimal Health

For those taking a proactive approach to health, regular chiropractic care assists in overall wellness and ensures that nerve flow from the spinal cord reaches all areas of your body – a process which is highly beneficial for day-to-day health, comfort, and physical and mental performance.

Athletes, business professionals, and endless health-conscious individuals incorporate chiropractic care as a lifestyle decision. In addition to feeling and performing your best, those individuals who receive regular adjustments benefit from boosted immune systems, fast recovery, and resistance to accidents and injuries.

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Leicester Spine and Wellness is a licensed provider of Massachusetts DOT / CDL Physicals required by many public service and transportation organizations. In-state and out-of-state residents are eligible for DOT / CDL physicals.

Per the Federal Government, certification periods are either 2-years or 1-year depending on overall health and may have waiting periods associated with pre-existing conditions. Please keep in mind, Leicester Spine and Wellness has no control over the length of certification or applicable waiting periods, all regulations and guidelines are outlined by the Federal Government and must be followed by any DOT / CDL Physical provider.


CDL Drivers have until April 30th to self-certify or the RMV may downgrade
you to a Class D license! Do not delay!

National Registry Certified Medical Examiner
Pete Antanavica, DC
NRCME# 9378200834
Is currently taking appointments for DOT / CDL Physicals
1103 Main Street, Leicester, MA 01524


Same day appointments may be available!

Rates are $100.00




Pete Antanavica, DC has over 20 years of chiropractic experience and takes your health and well-being very seriously. His effective and life-changing treatments are balanced between addressing immediate needs and guiding patients towards long-term wellness and improvement.

About Leicester Spine and Wellness

Centrally located in Leicester, MA, Leicester Spine and Wellness offers a wide range of chiropractic services to improve the lives of patients dealing with pain and discomfort. We specialize in both managing chronic pain conditions and treating sudden ailments such as automobile and workplace accidents. Many conditions are covered by your medical insurance provider and Leicester Spine and Wellness accepts coverage from most major insurers. We are well versed in the limitations and allocations of PIP (personal injury protection) and workers compensation vs. standard healthcare coverage during accident claim billing.

The offices at Leicester Spine and Wellness are clean, comfortable, private, and inviting. If you are dealing with any sort of ongoing pain or have suffered an injury, Dr. Antanavica invites you to experience the benefits and relief that chiropractic care provides.

What Should I Expect?

Expect to have a professional and comprehensive consultation and spinal exam with Dr. Antanavica. He will take his finding and engineer an initial care plan as well as go through your health insurance coverage and chiropractic benefits. Once your initial care plan is complete, long-term plans are offered based on the needs of the patient to keep nerve flow going strong. It is our goal that every single patient stays as well as possible.



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